Now that I have started writing again, I am starting to view movies differently that I use to. After all, a lot of talented writers create the words behind these visual and audio masterpieces.

My wife, daughter, and I went to see the movie “Chapie” recently. We ended up leaving half way through it. I wouldn’t have left, personally, because I wanted to see the twists and turns that I was certain would present themselves, but the level of violence, profanity, and darkness/evil was just too much for the two of them to handle. No regrets; I am just left wondering. I must say, though, that the themes were appropriate for the setting, so I can’t really fault it from that perspective.

In contrast, later that same evening, my daughter and her friends went to Insurgent, and since it was an 11pm showing and quite a way from our home, I decided to watch it as well (I didn’t sit with them, in case you’re wondering :p ). That movie, too, was pretty violent in places, but not in the same way. Even though you mostly knew where it was headed, there were sufficient twists and turns along the way, and enough suspense to make it what I felt was a very good movie.

I truly hope that I can become a good enough writer to put together the characters, plots, conflicts, twists and settings that will give people something to enjoy from my mind to theirs!