Nano Complete

I have completed my first NanoWrimo. I did it! I wish my word counts could have been higher, but I am satisfied with the accomplishment.




I’m Back Update

I thought I would combine the explanation of my latest “weird” post with an explanation of my absence, so here goes.

I have been absent from most everything “casual” for just over 18 months due to some pretty demanding work commitments that are only now starting to wrap up. Being an Accounting type in real life sometimes means you get pulled into “transactions” and the ones I have been working on since late 2013 were massive in scale. I am glad that this is coming to an end, and I hope to have some down time before the inevitable next one arrives.

Now that my spare time is something I can devote to something other than work, my eyes have turned back to writing. As such, I have re-invested some time into getting back into my writing course (Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways). I am also active with other writers on her forums again. It is a real encouragement to have folks along side you as you embark on the creative process.

As to my weird post, it relates to my return to Holly’s site.  I broke my account badly, and she gave me a “Green Knee” achievement (they are call PIPS on her site) for having an account with the most broken issues within a single week.  I posted the picture of the PIP here so I could link it there for my signature! Weird, yeah, but I was in a hurry 🙂

Incidentally, if any of you are interested in Writing, you really should check out Holly’s site.  All of her courses are extremely practical and detailed.  There are a lot of resources available about “How to write”, but I hadn’t ever seen one that gives practical, detailed, and specific instructions, tasks, assignments, and other motivators to get  you from starting to finishing. If nothing else, just try out the three week, FREE Flash Fiction course.  What you learn from that alone will help you in any other format of writing you plan to attempt (Short Story to Novel to Series)

Anyway, that’s enough for today. As usual, I intend to be more consistent in my postings here on this blog.  As usual, I make no promises since I do not yet have control of my time.

Hope you are all well! Drop me a note with what you are doing these days!






As the Snow Flies

68-late-snowfallA few days ago, we saw our first snow fall of the year.  I love snow.  I hate snow.

Needless to say, the picture to the left isn’t what I am seeing right now, but I know it’s coming.  Along with the snow comes memories of playing hockey on frozen ponds, snowmobiling through forests (and grabbing snow-laden pine branches as we drove by so the snow would fall on the guy behind us!).  Rosy cheeks, runny noses, frozen ears and snow forts.  These childhood memories bring joy and delight that seems to have disappeared as an adult.

At my age, snow means scary, icy roads, shoveling,  slushy parking lots, and bone chilling walks between your car and wherever you are trying to go to get out of the cold!  But it also means arena’s, hockey, Christmas time with family, and the World Junior Hockey Championships, so it’s not all bad.

So, why am I talking about this?  I guess I am trying to make an excuse for the fact that I haven’t written anything in almost a month.  I have been working, in the background, on some fundamentals of the story I ran off to write this past summer and fall.  At 60K words in, I figured I better make sure I am at least on a track that makes a certain amount of sense.  After spending some time working through the How to think Sideways (HTTS) course from Holly Lisle, I see that there are good things, and bad things.  I am not going to revise anything until after I am done with the first draft, but I am hoping that this exercise will at least set my path a little more clearly as I move through the middle and into the ending of the book.  I need to stay focused, however, and I seem to be allowing more distractions these past few weeks.  NHL hockey is back, my son’s hockey is back, my own hockey is back, and work is busier than normal.  I know, I know … excuses!!

I need you all to help me stay accountable.  Writing is something I have always wanted to do, but it takes real effort to keep it a priority when life gets otherwise busy.  Virtual kicks in the pants, words of encouragement, cookies, whatever it is you can offer as incentive would be appreciated!

Are there other ways that you folks keep yourselves motivated?

Thanks in advance for reading and your ecouragement!