The Changing Face of my Gamer Friend

This post was written largely due to an excellent post that I read by MMO Gypsy.

I recognize that I have become a game “grazer”. This applies equally to Single Player games and MMO’s, but I am going to focus on MMO’s here.

MMO’s started, for me, with 5 years of WoW, and then 2+ years of LOTRO.   Since then, I have moved on to a smattering of others (just take a look at my Raptr feed if you want proof). Since WoW and LOTRO, I have gone from having a very stable set of “guild” friends, with forums that were an integral part of my daily life, to a smattering of like-minded individuals that I communicate with primarily through Twitter. In fact, although I play the same games as them, I have rarely played in a game *with* them.

I want to feel ashamed about this, but frankly, I don’t, mostly because my current real life situation hasn’t afforded me the opportunity to play in the same way I did when I was playing WoW and LOTRO. Back then, I played consistently on 2 nights per week, starting at 9PM and going until whenever. That just doesn’t happen anymore. I probably play more in total hours now, but they are inconsistent as to the length of a game session, and, the night(s) of the week that I play. I also hate “grinding” and so feel very little incentive to “get to end game”. I know, for many people, the end game is the only game, and I respect that. It’s just not what I enjoy (quite possibly because I would never have the time to Raid anyway).

The bottom line, for me, has been that much of my “gaming” community has morphed from a single game “Guild” that plays in games together, to a “collection” of acquaintances that talks and plays a lot of different games, but hardly ever actually plays them together.

Original comment that got me started on this blog can be found here.