I am still around

My game time has become almost non-existent these past weeks. A combination of too much work and too many family activities has contributed to the demise. I am not upset about either of those reasons, however, especially the family one. As my kids grow older (18 and 14) I realize how short a time I have left to just be with them on a regular basis. It’s kind of scary, actually. There were many times throughout the early years that I couldn’t imagine feeling the way I do now. If you have young children, do yourself a favour and cherish the time. And if you don’t have children, then you should start planning to have some. They are worth every last ounce of blood sweat and tears, and they are definitely worth missing out on video gaming time!

I stopped playing GW2. It just got repetitive for me around level 30.  I will probably go back to it here and there, when the urge to play an MMO hits. Actually, I think I am MMO burned out, however (see my last blog).

With the limited time available over the past month, I have played through the Battlefield 3 campaign, done a little more Portal with my daughter, played some Icewind Dale II, and delved casually into Star Trek Online. All good experiences, I might add.

In addition, I am in a few closed Alpha/Beta tests.  I can’t really say anything about that, nor can I name names, but both games are coming along great, and I will be playing them both when they hit the streets!

Lastly, I have been feeling a little more D&D these days, so I am changing my main Avatar, across all my online places, to the one below. It is based on a free Dwarf avatar that I had a friend do some re-colouring and touching up. He did a great job, too!