New Year’s Revelation

That’s right, I said New Year’s Revelation, not Resolution; intentionally.

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions.  If I plan to do something, I don’t need an arbitrary date to help me make a commitment, I just go ahead and do it! (at least until I stop :p)  So what, you might ask, is a New Year’s Revelation? Well, I really don’t know, but it sounded cool, and it kind of describes what I have been thinking with respect to gaming of late.  You see, for years I have been a huge fan of MMO’s, but in the last while, I believe that it isn’t actually the MMO that I have enjoyed, but rather, the stories that I have traditionally been able to play inside those MMO’s.  My recent gaming habits would imply that I have already taken this revelation unknowingly to heart.  The games I have been playing lately further confirm this thinking.  Have a look after the jump, and I will share the what and the why!



Burned Out?

Just a few distractions 🙂

Why am I feeling burned out these days?  I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I am just mindlessly grinding through the next area, the next level, the next story point, the next quest.  Gone seems to be my excitement and verve for the games that I have loved so much.  I feel like a hummingbird, speedily flitting about from game to game, and experience to experience.  Is it me, or is it a sign of a change in the times?

When I first started playing World of Warcraft, I stayed “committed” to that game for 4+ years. Not until Lord of the Rings Online came about did I even remotely consider playing a different game.  Honestly, when I first jumped into the LOTRO Beta based on an invite from some friends, I felt I was cheating on my “first love”!  Eventually, I got my head around making the switch, but it was traumatic (from a gaming perspective, anyway).  Ultimately, I purchased the Lifetime subscription in LOTRO, and proceeded to play for 3+ years.  Not as long as WoW, but, still a pretty good run.

I can’t even remember the game that I switched to from LOTRO, no, wait, I remember now. It was Age of Conan! I fell hard and deep into that game. I even became part of their volunteer online support community for a time.  It was a lot of fun, but lasted less than a year. The game just couldn’t keep me as I had no friends playing it at all.  I went back to LOTRO, eventually, but never ever found back that initial love.  The only real thing that kept me going back was my friends, who were still playing there.

In between then and now, the Dragon Age franchise held my rapt attention for quite some time (pre and post launch), but the hours needed to complete those game is nowhere near the requirements of an MMO. My desire to re-live my Neverwinter Nights days by playing with the “Toolset” became invalidated when I realized just how complicated it would be to do anything meaningful without separate degrees in programming and game design.  I loved Dragon Age, I liked Dragon Age 2, I am hopeful for Dragon Age 3.

There’s also Steam,  and a lot of games that I own, but have never played;  yet still, quite a few I have played.  Torchlight, Orcs Must Die, Skyrim, Portal, Portal 2, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and, of course, the Mass Effect games, among others. Minecraft was also a lot of fun, for a while!

My hype level leading up to Star Wars: The Old Republic was 11 out of 10.  I still love to just play through the story, but once again, without friends to share the enthusiasm, it’s just not something I feel the desire to continue to play.  I am really sad about this one, because I absolutely love the community, I love Bioware, and I especially love the many SWTOR devs that I have developed relationships with through Twitter, Podcasts, etc.  I will still play through stories in F2P mode, after the subscription model is gone.

So where does this leave me? I am still playing GW2. I pulled out Skyrim again over the weekend, but maybe I need to do something totally different?  Maybe I am weary of the genre?  Of gaming?  Perhaps I should try to find a love for Strategy games, one that I have attempted to nurture on many occasions, but have never truly succeeded? Maybe my readers can point me to greener pastures?  I am interested to know what you all think I should do during this time of uncertainty! Drop me a comment and let me know.