Changes and a New Direction

Tonight, I changed the name of this blog from “Casual Gaming by Adaram” to “Casual Living by Adaram”.  This change, I feel, better reflects the evolution of my “casual” endeavors.   What has been a gaming focus for many years is starting to evolve.  I feel a need to get back to my roots in Reading and Writing as well.  I have set a few goals for myself for this summer:

  • Read more than I normally read.  I will try and get through at least 4 books by August 31.books
  • Play games less than I traditionally play, but still play.  I want to make time for my friends, and I still enjoy gaming a lot.
  • Give a portion of my Gaming time to the craft of writing.  Many years ago (15+), I spent much time writing short stories and working on a novel.  The time I spent writing diminished greatly when I finally started getting technology that would run RPG type games (Baldur’s Gate anyone?)

I will be adding separate pages for each of my passions, so please feel free to peruse one or all of them!


Book Review – The Alloy of Law


Book: The Alloy of Law, Brandon Sanderson, (Mistborn #4), (November 2011)

Stars: ***** (5)

High praise for Brandon Sanderson! I appreciate his work!

I think this is my first ever 5 Star rating. Words are insufficient when trying to describe how much I enjoyed almost every aspect of this book. The characters felt like old friends to me; the kind of friends you trust enough to just hang out with and and be yourself. Wayne is probably one of my all time favourite characters. Hilarious! The interplay between Wayne and Wax made me laugh many times throughout the read. Marasi is a sweetheart and a perfect compliment to the pair. Tough, shy, smart and important without knowing it.

This book is a perfect mix of Fantasy, Comedy, Mystery, and Old West (and old west is something I have never explored but now I might). Add to all that, the subtle tie-in’s to the former trilogy set in the same world. It just felt like home.

I am happy that, based on certain things, it seems that there will be, or at least should be, more adventures that involve these characters in this setting. I am sad, however, that I will have to wait to read them!

( Review originally posted on Goodreads )