Weekend Warriors … NOT! (but maybe?)

In many ways, one would think that the weekends would be a great time to get some writing done.  Am I right?

In reality, I find that weekends are almost the worst as far as available time. Being a husband and a parent is my first priority at this stage of the game. As such, my time is pretty much never my own. So does that mean I don’t get any writing done on weekends? Usually I don’t, it’s true, but I have been thinking about ways to change that.  I have a few thoughts:

  1. Sprints – I use Write Or Die 2 to try and force myself to get words on a page in a set time frame.
  2. Headphones – Strap them on your head, put on some music, ignore the noise, and try and get a good 5-10 minute sprint done.
  3. Bathroom Breaks – Seriously no, but maybe it would work for someone. Mobile devices being as they are, perhaps a little writing could happen whilst one is … never mind. Use this method at your own discretion.
  4. Bed time – Grab 10 minutes just before bed. A laptop in bed works so long as your significant other doesn’t object to the tapping and the light.

Anyone else have suggestions?



2 responses to “Weekend Warriors … NOT! (but maybe?)

  1. I find that I tend not to write during weekends for the opposite reason–I usually have far too much time on my hands, so I wind up procrastinating.

    As far as cramming in some writing time when things are too busy or hectic, however, I tend to find, as you do, that writing in quick 10-minute bursts whenever the time can be found is key. I’m also becoming a big fan of using time spent in the car to brainstorm or work out a story issue–either mentally, or by talking aloud and recording it my phone.

    Happy writing!

    • Funny you mention the car thing. I generally listen to audiobooks while in the car, but for the past week or two, I have been leaving everything off so I can let my muse (Bob) pitch ideas at me. I think I will continue to do that, for a while anyway, and see if that leads to more productive writing sessions!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to reply!

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