The Novel Continues

Over the past weeks, I have continued in my progress on the Novel.  (Look to the right sidebar and you will see the progress meter is now over 34,000 words.  According to Scrivener, that’s 98 pages in a paperback!).

It is amazing to me, but I look forward to writing now as much as I use to look forward to gaming on a daily basis.  If you told me that would happen when I was playing Dishonored, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock a while back, I would have probably laughed at you.  As life goes, however, in my many years, I have learned that one of the only things I can count on is the fact that things are always changing.

My creative “Muse” (whom I have named Bob) has been feeding me a lot of great ideas.  Sometimes he even works in the background without my knowledge.  This happened yesterday, and I was delighted when I realized what he had done.  You see, I went to FanExpo in Toronto with a buddy, and in addition to having a great time, when I arrived home and looked at the two pictures I had purchased, I realized that Bob had actually helped me to pick ones that were relevant to what I am writing.  It was both creepy and invigorating simultaneously!


It’s not the best picture as I took it with my phone, but when I had a close look at this girl, I realized to my amazement that Bob had found a realistic image of the younger version of my main character.   More than that, the heart she is drawing is both relevant and appropriate.  The next picture is also incredibly suitable for one of the characters of my book.


So, in summary, I have to admit that writing again has shown me that my non-Accountant, non-LeftBrained, Muse side is a very capable source of surprise, stimulation, inspiration, and creativity.  I am thankful that I have been allowing Bob to come out and play again!