The Changing Face of my Gamer Friend

This post was written largely due to an excellent post that I read by MMO Gypsy.

I recognize that I have become a game “grazer”. This applies equally to Single Player games and MMO’s, but I am going to focus on MMO’s here.

MMO’s started, for me, with 5 years of WoW, and then 2+ years of LOTRO.   Since then, I have moved on to a smattering of others (just take a look at my Raptr feed if you want proof). Since WoW and LOTRO, I have gone from having a very stable set of “guild” friends, with forums that were an integral part of my daily life, to a smattering of like-minded individuals that I communicate with primarily through Twitter. In fact, although I play the same games as them, I have rarely played in a game *with* them.

I want to feel ashamed about this, but frankly, I don’t, mostly because my current real life situation hasn’t afforded me the opportunity to play in the same way I did when I was playing WoW and LOTRO. Back then, I played consistently on 2 nights per week, starting at 9PM and going until whenever. That just doesn’t happen anymore. I probably play more in total hours now, but they are inconsistent as to the length of a game session, and, the night(s) of the week that I play. I also hate “grinding” and so feel very little incentive to “get to end game”. I know, for many people, the end game is the only game, and I respect that. It’s just not what I enjoy (quite possibly because I would never have the time to Raid anyway).

The bottom line, for me, has been that much of my “gaming” community has morphed from a single game “Guild” that plays in games together, to a “collection” of acquaintances that talks and plays a lot of different games, but hardly ever actually plays them together.

Original comment that got me started on this blog can be found here.


Book Review – The Alloy of Law


Book: The Alloy of Law, Brandon Sanderson, (Mistborn #4), (November 2011)

Stars: ***** (5)

High praise for Brandon Sanderson! I appreciate his work!

I think this is my first ever 5 Star rating. Words are insufficient when trying to describe how much I enjoyed almost every aspect of this book. The characters felt like old friends to me; the kind of friends you trust enough to just hang out with and and be yourself. Wayne is probably one of my all time favourite characters. Hilarious! The interplay between Wayne and Wax made me laugh many times throughout the read. Marasi is a sweetheart and a perfect compliment to the pair. Tough, shy, smart and important without knowing it.

This book is a perfect mix of Fantasy, Comedy, Mystery, and Old West (and old west is something I have never explored but now I might). Add to all that, the subtle tie-in’s to the former trilogy set in the same world. It just felt like home.

I am happy that, based on certain things, it seems that there will be, or at least should be, more adventures that involve these characters in this setting. I am sad, however, that I will have to wait to read them!

( Review originally posted on Goodreads )